Andrew a.

Two business men were having a discussion, and one of them said, "Maybe it is my luck but I don't know why my son is very dull". The other man replied,"you are much more lucky. My son is much more stupid". To know who was right, they decided to test their sons. The first one called his son, "Akin, go and bring my suitcase from my bedroom". Akin went inside and came out with the carry case of the new suit his dad bought the previous day.The man said to his friend,"can you see what I am talking about?" The second man man laughed and said,"your son has potential. Let me show you how stupid my own son is". He then called his son; Efe, and told him to go to his office and check if he was on his seat. Efe went to his dad's office and came back after two hours panting. Efe then said to his dad, "papa i reaching the office but you were not there so I left a message with you secretary to tell you that you sent me to come check up on you".

funniness: 4.96

rating: G