Alan H.

Two Gays were walking down the street holding hands, then one of gay guys shouted "awwwwow!!!" in pain the other guy asked him if he was all right," It's my ass mate, i cant walk properly, can you have a look?", so the he pulled down his trousers in the middle of the street to let his boyfreind have a look "Nope nothing!" he said loudly, the other guy look down at him and said " Can you put your fingers up there and have a feel around, i think i have something sharp up it realy hurting!!!" he said in pain, he put his fingers up there " Yes i feel something sharp", "well get it out please!!!" he pulled it out "ahhh thats better" he said in relif, "wow its a role gold watch" he said his boy freind, his freind said "Happy Birthday Darling!!!"

funniness: 2.17

rating: PG-13