jenny m.

So, a sailor walks into a bar. Everything is normal about him, except his head is the size of a tangerine. The bartender asks, "Why is your head the size of a tangerine??" and the sailor tells this story: "Well, I was sailing one day when our vessel went through serious storm. The ship was totally scrapped, and I was the only survivor. I made my way to a small island. I was there for months, finding food, shelter and water as well as I could. One day, while fishing, I saw a mermaid. I know you dont think that mermaids exist, but this one was as real as ever. Well, she told me that I looked like I was is a bind, and she offered me one wish. I said to her: "I've been here on this island for months now, all by myself, and what I'd really love would be to have sex with you." and she said, "That is something that I cannot do, seeing as the lower half of my body is a fish" so I said, "How about a little head?"

funniness: 6.26

rating: PG-13