david s.

Once upon a fuck, there was a naked hairy-assed bitch who got 20 dildos to fuck her all at once.Now, the hairy bitch is a hor that eats sparm meat and gluggs down shit n' piss packets for a drink.One day ms.hor decided to take a cruise and boy was that a dumb ass move!So she got on the boat and started wanting shit n' piss packets and a clown wnted her to stop telling him to make dildos for her to make her stress dissapear.So day 2 of the cruise he dumpet 200 crates of shit n' piss packets into the water and the woman jumped overboard to get some and that there was the damn stupidist shit i'd seen in fore-ever.Well let's just say the hairy bitch had problems with pissing out fucking blood right when she hit water so a shark smelled her and chased her but it only took off her fat-ass damned lip. When the bitch came on the ship her lip looked like halloween on a body part and they asked why she did it."Well I went in the water for nip and sips but all there was was a sick ass wasteland of shit and lemonaid!!!"The clown fell off his unicycle when he heard the hairy bitches's lip kept making her say "wet dildo, please" when she actually said "get Jerald, jease!".When he found out Jerald was his fucking mom he got pissed-uhh I would tell the rest but I think that's enough hairy shit bitch for, like, forever!!! Moral of the story:If you are a dumbass, do not open a box of hair growth powder or it will get all over you and don't go to the fucking dentist to get the shit they use to knumb your mouth and dropping it and your lipstick at the same time because you cut your gay ass lip straight in half or your ruby red lipstick will wet the mouth-numbing shit all over it and you, being a dumbass, will think it is some fucking dumbass brand of lip glue because its origanal color was blue. If you did not understand my explanation then you have no f'n god damned shitty brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funniness: 2.11

rating: R