jenny m.

One day a woman, pregnant with triplets, was walking down a road when a bank robbery was happening. Just as she was going passed the bank, she was shot three times in the stomach. She was rushed to hospital and they managed to save the lives of her children (two girl sand a boy) and hers. Fourteen years later, one of her daughters came running out of the bathroom and screamed to her mother, she said, "Mom, I've just had a period and a bullet came out." So her mother sat her down and explained what happened. A couple of days later her second daughter came running out the bathroom again screaming that she too had a period and a bullet came out. So again, she explained the story. Finally, a few days later, her only son comes running out of the bathroom. The mother says, "Let me guess. You've had a crap and found a bullet in the toilet." "No," shouts the boy, "I've just wacked off and shot the dog."

funniness: 4.69

rating: PG-13