Alex G.

12)No matter how little you are, you can lift an anvil or sledgehammer, but have difficulty lifing a bowling ball. 11)The Eiffel Tower can be seen from any window in France, and Romantic music is always playing. 10)All problems are solved by the end of the show. 9)Washing clothes was never invented-they always wear the same clothes over and over again. 8)Cerial is always bran flakes or Lucky Charms without the marshmellows. 7)Your face always turns green all over when you're about to puke, and you always have time to place your two fingers over your mouth. 6)Falling asleep while you're standing is easy if you've been up the entire night(okay, i tried this, tis very hard). 5)If you overshoot a cliff, you have a few seconds to run back. 4)All babies do is poop, cry and splatter food everywhere. 3)An internet search will bring up EXACTLY what you want the first time. 2)They can read squiggles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND THE NUMBER 1 THING WE LEARNED FROM CARTOONS WAS... Dog>Mouse>Cat Nuff said

funniness: 2.92

rating: G