zack f.

Bob: Hey, Steve, wanna hear a joke? Steve: Sure, tell me. Bob: Okay... so, there was this gay guy, and he didn't want to be gay anymore. So he went to his doctor and asked if there was cure. The doctor says, "As a matter of fact, there is." He takes out a baseball bat and shoves it in and out the gay dude's ass a few times. "Thanks, doc!" The gay guy leaves and comes back a few days later and says, "I'm still gay, what do I do?" The doctor takes out the same baseball bat and wraps it with sandpaper. Then he shoves it in and out of the gay guy's ass a few times. "Thanks!" The gay guy leaves... but after a few days he realizes he is still gay, so he returns. The doctor takes out the sandpaper bat and wraps it with... wait, what's that wire that has prickly stuff all over it that farmers use? Steve: Uh... barbed wire? Bob: Haha, I see you've been to the doctor.

funniness: 5.13

rating: PG-13