Ty W.

Yo mamas like a bowling ball, shes fingered, picked up and guttered, and still comes back for more! Yo mamas like a doornob, everyone gets a turn!!!! Yo mama is so dirty she dropped a ciggerette and said "clap your hands, stomp your feet, praise the Lord that we got heat!" There are 3 people stealing stuff from a farmer. A black haired girl, a brunnette, and a blonde. They hear the farmer coming so they all hide. The black haired girl hides behind a cow. The brunnete (who is very small) hides behind a chicken. The blonde hides behind a sack of potatoes. The farmer checks the cow. The black haired girl said "MOO" so the farmer didn't think she was there and walked away. He checked the chicken and the brunnete said "buh gok" so he walked away. He walked to the potatoes and the blonde said "PO TA TO! PO TA TO!" There were three girls on an island 20 yards away from land. A black haired girl, a brunnete, and a blonde. The black haired girl swam 5 yards got too tired, and swam back. The brunnete swam 10 yards got too tired and swam back. The blonde swam 19 yards got too tired and swam back.

funniness: 4.50

rating: PG