Jordan M.

Well there once was a man who loved baked beans. He ate them twenty-four seven. But they always had an effection on him and it was somewhat embarssing. Then one day he fell in love with a girl named Isabella. When he asked her to marry him she said yes. But he had to give up the baked beans. So he did. 3 months later: The man was on his way home from work. It was his birthday and he was excited to see what Isabella cooked for him. When he got home Isabella was in the kitchen and told him to sit at the table. So he did. The wonderful aroma of baked beans filled the air. At first he thought his nose was fooling him. But then he saw his wife comming out of the kitchen with a big plate of baked beans. When he was all finished his fart was so bad it had killed his wife. The moral of this story is if baked beans make you fart don't eat them:]

funniness: 1.00