scott s.

there was this couple that was having trouble with their sex life so they go to the doctor looking for help. the doctor examines both of them for a while and comes back and say, "I think I can help you, tonight when you go to the store pick up some donuts and grapes." he turns to the man and says "take the grapes and try rolling them into her pussy until you get one in and then fish them out with your tongue." he turns to the woman and says "take the donuts and throw them at your husbands dick until you make one, then eat it off." so they go home and try this and have the best sex of their life. they're at a party talking with some friends about this amazing doctor who saved their marriage. hearing this a couple goes to the doctor, explains their situation and so the doctor runs tests to see if he can help. he returns and says "I'm sorry, but I cannot help you." the man pleads with the doctor "please doc you gotta help us, our sex life sucks, and this may save our marriage." after a while of begging the doctor finally gives in "Ok, when you go to the store tonight pick up some apples, and cheerios."

funniness: 8.41

rating: R