Roy T.

George W. Bush dies and goes down to hell, where the Devil has a major problem, he's out of space! So he explains this to Bush, telling him "While you deserve to rot down here for all eternity, I don't have any room. So I am going to allow you to replace one of three people down here." With that the devil took him to a chamber where Richard Nixon was being boiled alive by canibals. Seeing this fate Bush said he would rather see what his other choices were. Next they stopped in a chamber where Ronald Reagan was being stoned continuously by a group of angry people. Once again Bush asked to see his next option. Finally the Devil showed him a bedroom, where Bill Clinton was laying on the bed, being "serviced" by Monica Lewinsky. "This is easy, I'll take this fate!" Bush told the Devil. So the Devil smiled and said "O.K. Monica, you can leave now."

funniness: 6.07

rating: PG