scott s.

a man and an attractive woman go to the doctors office and tell the doctor that the woman has a bee in her pussy that keeps stinging her and causes her uncomfort and asks the doctor how to get the bee out. the doctor tells the man to try to get him out by using his dick to shove him out, so they go home and try it to no avail. they return to the doctors office and the man says i just can't do it, i think my dick is too big. the doctor thinks for a minute and then says "how about you let me try it, my dick is a little smaller than yours" the man thinks this over for a bit and thinks it will be ok, and tells the doctor no funny business just get the bee out. the doctor agrees and starts goin at it trying get the bee out and then all of a suddent starts poundin the hot woman and the man yells at him "hey, what do you think you're doing you're supposed to be getting the bee out" the doctor replies "fuck that, I'm gonna drown the son of a bitch"

funniness: 5.50

rating: R