Tommy B.

Uncommonly heard of knowledge about the Terminator: 1. In movie 2, if the Terminator destroys himself to prevent the making of Skynet, then how does it still happen? When the T-1000 cuts his arm off, he is too busy fighting to care. Later, the cops get hold of it and continue Miles Dyson's work. 2. Why is the Terminator the T-101 in movies #1 and #2, but the T-850 in movie #3? Because he gets a little bit more advanced in every movie 3. Did you know that another Terminator was sent back between the movies 2 & 3? The Infiltrator 950. She hides in the former house of Miles Dyson and builds T-101s, then sends them out to kill John Connor. Sarah saves him by building a device that causes the Terminators to freeze up. 4. The real reason that the Terminator destroyed himself in movie 2 was that he was badly damaged and could not pass as human anymore. If he still looked normal he would not have done it. 5. There is a man who looks exactly like the T-101s. This is where Skynet gets the ideas for the Terminators--they go through his immigration record and get his picture. Sarah connor is totally convinced that he is a Terminator--even when she sees him eating she is not convinced!