Alexis J.

One day a man waz walking down the street with his son Little Timmy. On a NEW victoria's secret sign it said 'what size cup are you' {relating to ipex} So Timmy asks: "Dad what's a cup?" "Something you drink out of" "No dad, a cup on the ladies' store sign" "oh you mean a breast cup, well son do you know what breasts are?" "yea mommy has them" well a breasts cup is what supports the flabby pieces of meat" "dad, what cup size is mommy?" Thinking it'd be funny his father replied "A-16" "Okay" so for four days straight he asked women/girls he knew. "Sis what cup size are you?" {giggling} "A-24" the next day at the shoe store, timmy waz looking down the woman's shirt and asked "what cup size are you?" "B-4" at school two days later {FIRST GRADE} Little timmy asked his teacher "Miss.Weimweiler, whta cup size are you?" "Young man that's not appropriate for school. How about you go aks the principal" "Sure y not" when he got to the principal he asked "what cup size is miss. weimweiler?" "between you and me son she's a C-26" as the principal waz overlooking little timmy's file he thought he would play a joke and whispered something in his ear. "and u're excused from school for a week" after calling his father the boy sat down wide-eyed and crying. when his dad got there and they started for the car the dad asked "Timmy are you upset?" with no reply he then asked "Are you upset with me?" wihtout missing a beat he said "so mom's really a C-45?" MORAL: don't lie to children PROMISE One day little timmy waz dropped off at his soccer game by his mommy "son daddy will be here to pick you up, today" He didn't say anything "listen i know the divorce is affecting you but today he'll be here, he said he promises or stan will kill him" "whatever you slut it's all your fault!!" he got outta the car and went to play soccer. after and hour the game waz over and timmy sat there on the curb and waited and wiated and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. Until finally his friend's mom comes over. which he hates!! "Timmy do you need a ride?" "no my dady is coming to pick me up" "well is there anything you want before i go like snacks or a drink?" "no but one question" "what?" "what cup size are you?" she walked away. At timmy's friends house waz hiz dad eating dinner with his new found family and drinking fruit punch. "Honey i am so glad timmy told me what his mommy waz up to or else we would never be together." That's when his new son {jimmy, timmy's ex-best friend} said "Jon i know that you and my mom are together now and u think she isn't a cheater but last sunday during church i found out that my mommy cup size is an A-12" "No jimmy i am not, i proomise you i am a B-46 and where would you get and idea like this?" "the preacher said that you were the one who stole all the tissues out of his pocket after u guy's suarez" NOW back to little timmy who decided he'd walk home. he stood looking at the new family eating their dinner."Daddy u forgot me" and he repeated it over and over again. "son i think i am coming back home" " u shouldn't be on this planet alive" wiht that little timmy killed his father, jimmy, and the new wife. with a smile upon his face he returned home. "Son how waz soccer?" "Great" "and your dad?" "Let's just say he didn't keep his promise" SAYING: 'if a promise you don't keep it will haunt u in you sleep have a conscience full of guilt and it lies beneath ur quilt

funniness: 1.33

rating: PG-13