jenny m.

Yo momma so dumb, she thought asphalt was a skin disease Yo momma so old, vultures constantly circle around her house yo momma so hairy, she shaves with a weedwacker Yo momma so dumb she saw a sign that said wet floor, so she did yo momma so ugly she can look up a camels butt and scare the hump off it yo momma so ugly she make michael jackson look like brad pitt yo momma so dumb when she locked her keys in the car it took all day for her to get yo family out yo momma so ugly, she look like she been hit with a bag of rocks yo momma so dumb, she goes to dr. dre for a pap smear yo momma so dumb that when i told her to take out the trash, and she moved yo momma so dumb, when she went to disney world she saw a sign that said disney world left, so she went home yo momma so dumb when i said squeel like a pig, she said moo yo momma so dumb she lost her shadow yo momma so dirty when the drill sergant said hit the dirt, everybody started hitting her

funniness: 2.50

rating: PG