Charles B.

John had always wanted to learn how to skydive so he decided to take some lessons. He went to classes where they taught him how to pull the cord and how to pack his chute. They taught him how to jump and say ?Geronimo?. They taught him everything. He was ready to go and he asked his wife to be on the ground to watch his triumph as she had been against it from the start, too dangerous in her opinion. John went up in the plane and his wife watched from the ground as he jumped. He pulled the cord and nothing happened. He pulled the emergency cord and still nothing. He hit the ground and died on the spot. Splat! His wife ran to where he landed. As she approached she recognized one of the people that had been standing near where John had struck the ground. She went over and asked the question that she just had to have the answer to. She asked, ?Just before he hit, did he call out my name?? The spotter looked at John?s wife and said, ?Sure, if your names AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEERRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

funniness: 2.71

rating: PG