jenny m.

One day my husband (this was about 5 years ago now)needed a pair of gloves, he only wanted the kind that baseball players wear, so we went to sportsmart to get some. While we are in the store, we look at some sweaters (this will come in later) and the clerk asks if we need any help,so he answers our question and we go and find the gloves and a hat. We go to the counter to pay for the gloves and hat, (my husband is standing there with a 50 dollar bill on the counter) and he is trying to scrape off the vikings logo (ewwwwww minnesota vikings suck ass) from the hat, and this fat ass clerk pushes a shoe box twords us and goes "u can take your shoes back now." We ignored him at first, but then he said it like 2 more times and kept pushing the shoe box towrds us. so i look in the box and there is some dirty ass size 7 mens shoes in the box.(my husband wears size 12) So i told the dumb ass clerk "thoes are not his shoes. he cant even fit thoes and look how dirty thoes shoes are." He went on to say that the brand new shoes my husband had bought just the day before had come from the store and we had just stolen them. well i dont know about u, but if i steal something, i haul ass out of the store. I dont stand there at the counter waiting to pay for something else. u just steal everything! so he kept accusing us of stealing the shoes, we told him that we never even went back to the shoe dept. That jack ass from the sweater dept said he never saw us in his dept, so they call the cops, and eventully we proved our case, but my husband was pusing the race card ( they only targeted him because he was black. everyone who was in the store and worked there was white. so any black man had to be stealing.) we got a bunch of free shit out of the store and it was awsome. and now any time i want to get on my hubbys nerves i just say " u can take back your shoes now!" Moral of the story : not all black people are theifs, but all white people think they are, so be careful, u just might have to eat your words!! =D

funniness: 1.50

rating: PG-13