Steven K.

One night in the city of Las Vegas, America, Jake decided to get to the Casino... But he couldn't quite find the one he was looking for, so he started walking around... looking for entertainment... Suddenly his eyes dashed to a road to the left filled with crowds. There was some hip hop music he could remember, and he walked on. By the end of the night he was all exhausted, and then he heard his name being called. " Hey you there! Yes you, want to have some fun?" A stripper called out. " Sure, why not..." He replied. " Want to have a hand-job?" She said. " Alright, it's a good thing to finish off my night..." Jake said with a bit of giggling. " How much does it cost?" " 100 $" "WHAT!" "You see those coffee shop, bars and all those drink places in Las Vegas, I OWN THEM BECAUSE OF THAT" "Well I'll give it a try..." They walked to the nearest Motel. By the next 10 minutes of Jake's life, he had the best of the pleasurableness he ever had. "That was unbelievable!" "Wanna try a blow job?" "No thanks" "Do you see those Malls and shops everywhere? I own them too" "You must be experienced, I'll give it a try again, how much?" "500$" "I'll see if it's worth it..." The next 15 minutes advanced, giving Jake the expectation he was waiting for. "How about some pussy?" "Do you see the whole Las Vegas?" she said. "Dang woman! You own Vegas!?" "I would if I had a pussy"

funniness: 5.56

rating: R