Troy B.

A plane was about to crash and the pilot comes onto the loudspeaker and says " Ladies and gentlemen please keep your heads down and prepare for a rough landing" On this plane there are three women, an Italian, a Canadian, and a Black lady. The Italian woman begins to take her jewelry out of her purse and puts it on and the other ladies look at her and say "why are you doing this now" The Italian lady looks over and says " If I survive they always rescue the rich one's first". Then the Canadian starts to put on her makeup and the other ladies ask her why she was doing this and she replies " They always rescue the pretty ones first. So the black lady then decides to strip naked and spread her legs on the seat. Now this puzzles the other ladies and they could not come up with an explanation so they ask and the black lady responds saying " The first and only thing they find in a crash is THE BLACK BOX".

funniness: 6.16

rating: R