Rebecca J.

One day in the bowling lanes in shov-it park a man decided to play a perfect game. Halfway through the game he thros the ball and it cracks in half. and out poppes a genie. The genie says i am the bowling guru you get three bowling based wishes but the catch is your wife will get triple. the man thinks for a whiiile and says i would like the talent or a thousand bowlers your wish is granted but your wife will get the talent of three thousand bowlers my second wish he says is i want i want a scholership to bowlers academy granted but your wife will get three scholerships. my last wish says the man said is i want to have a pair of the greatest bowling shoes in the world. granted but your wife gets three. okay says the man. doesnt and of this bother you sir sais the bowling guru well yes but my wife said that the next time she even heard the word bowlind again she would have to kill herself..and when shes dead i can have it all anyway i know it suz but vote high anyway!!

funniness: 3.76

rating: PG