jenny m.

once there was a little day when he came home from school,his mom was in the shower. so he went into the bathroom and asked "mommy, can i take a shower too?" "sure honey." mom said. So the boy takes off his clothes and gets in the shower. once inside, he looks up at his mom and points to her tits and says "ooh what are thoes?" and his mother says,"thoes are my headlights." then he looks down and says "ooh mommy, whats that?" she says "oh, thats my grass." then they get out of the shower. later that night the boys dad comes home and gets in the shower. the boy followes him in the bathroom and says "daddy, can i take a shower too?" "sure sport." the dad says. as soon as the boy was in the shower he looks down and says "ooh daddy whats that?" he said "oh son, thats my snake." then it was time for bed,but there was a big storm that night and the boy was scared,so he went to his parents room and asked if he could sleep with them. "well... ok son." said dad "but just dont look under the covers." so the boy gets into bed.A short time later he feels movement next to him so he looks under the covers and shouts "mommy!mommy! quick!turn on your headlights,there is a snake in your grass!!!

funniness: 4.60

rating: R