Jim K.

A penguin is driving his car along when all of a sudden the car starts acting up. Well, the penguin makes it to a gas station and the mechanic says it may take some time to determine what is wrong with the penguin's car. The penguin waddles across the street to the supermarket. He finds the frozen food section and upon seeing the ice cream, climbs into the freezer and starts eating a half gallon of vanilla ice cream. He then opens another and devours it. He opens another and another. After about 2 hours and 10 gallons of vanilla ice cream, the penguin decides he'd better go check on his car. He climbs out of the freezer, covered with vanilla ice cream and waddles back across the street to the gas station. He finds the mechanic and waddles over to him. The mechanic is ready to give the penguin the news about his car and say's, "looks like you've blown a seal." The penguin says, "No, it's just vanilla ice cream."

funniness: 6.15

rating: R