Rico B.

Once, there were three men, a red head, a bernette and a blondie. They all worked on the Empire State Building. When it was lunch time, the red head said... "man, if i get a chicken sandwich one more day, im gunna jump off of the Empire State building". The Bernette and blondie said the same thing... Then, the next day it was time for lunch. The red head opened up his lunch bag and saw that he had a chicken sandwich again. So of course he jumped off of the Empire State building. Then the the bernette and blondie did the same thing. So at the funeral the red heads wife said, "if only i had known he would kill himself over a chicken sandwich i wouldn't have packed it!!" The bernette said the same thing... So when the blondies turn came to say something, she said, "well, my husband packed his own lunch..."

funniness: 3.44

rating: PG