Jasen R.

*Scotty and his mother are on the phone* Scotty: Mom, Bella and I are having relationship problems. Mom: I?m sorry you can only help yourself, in an ordeal like this. Scotty: Yes Mother. Mom: Call Me Back When you get some information or anything good for that matter. *Mom Hangs Up and Scotty Searches through the ads in the paper* Skims and finds one on relationship problems, so he calls in and gets a meeting at 10:00 a.m Saturday He wakes up the next day and then when the meeting is over he calls his mother. *Scotty and Mom on Phone* Scotty: Mom, you will never believe what happened. Mom: Did you in Bella straighten things out? Scotty, no but I found in the ad in the paper about someone that is having relationship problems and could get a boost to move on. Mom: Ok, so tell me did you call the number for the ad? Scotty: Yes I did and I just got back from his office. Mom: His office what is this mans name? Scotty: His name is Bob and he really knows what he is doing, well experienced, and got trained by the best. Mom: *A tad confused* Mom: Oh, so what happened when you went into his office? Scotty: Well, when I walked in he told me to lie down on the couch, and so I did and he asked me a few questions and I answered them. Then it got a little intense, so he told me to hold on to this figure, he says it will clam me down and relieve my stress. I took a hold of it and I mean it was squishy and soft and I just couldn?t let go. Then he told me to squeeze as hard as I could and by accident I mean accident I broke it. Then he asked me why I was having troubles and I said I believe I get enough action to keep myself going with life. Then he said here let me give you some action, he says he has a opening to be his partner, and so I took the offer. And now I have to see him 4nights a week for 5hours long and he said he was going to push me until i can?t take no more. Mom: *Astonished*Holy fuck son, i never knew, you were gay why in gods name would you leave your woman for a man? I don?t believe this my son is gay?..the horror? Scotty: Mom but? Mom: Nooo! I don?t wanna hear it?. Scotty: I?m not gay that is disgusting what would give you that idea? Mom: He let you grab his then, you got intense with him, then you broke it, and he is going to become your partner so that you can keep going in life and your going to go see him 4nights a week and get pushed so hard that you cant take it no more. Scotty: Mom he let me grab his stress ball, and we got intense because he was asking me hard questions, and im going to become his business partner because I have no job to keep myself going in life, and im going 4nights a week because I wanna get paid.. Mom: Who is this man again? Scotty: A Physiatrist!!!

funniness: 4.55

rating: PG-13