Haley O.

There was three men waiting at heaven's gates. St. Pete said to them."Tell the truth,if you cheated on your wife.You'll go back to earth and you will be given a car.But depending on how many times you cheated the type of car will vary." First man: "I cheated on her 10 times." He was sent back with a rusty pickup truck. Second man: "I cheated on her 1 time." He was sent back with a Honda a missing bumper. Third man: "I never cheated on her." And he was sent back with a mint condtion Hummer. Then a year later the two other guys find the third guy crying.They ran over to see what was wrong.They said "What's wrong?" he replied "I just seen my wife in a golfcart.."

funniness: 6.16

rating: PG