ash m.

Three men had been stuck in the desert for 2 weeks and were desperate for food and water. They wandered around endlessly and came across a small hut with two floors. They decided to go in and ask for help. The first man went in. The owner of the house said , "Ill give you a 3 course meal and a glass of wine if you pick off my daughter's scabs and cut her toenails." The man refused. The second man was offered the same thing but he refused. The third man was weaker and very thirsty and hungry so he agreed. He went upstairs and saw the daughter. She was covered in scabs and her toenails were long and yellow. The man got to work. He was done in about and hour and about to be sick! He couldnt find a wastebin - only an empty crisp wrapper. He shoved the garbage in and chucked it out the window! Three hours later he returned out to his friends boasting. "I've just had a potato salad, roast beef, parsnips, carrots, poatoes, dumplings and cheesecake! MMMMM!" The other men, feeling annoyed said, "Well we've just had a DELICIOUS packet of crisps!"

funniness: 5.38

rating: PG