simba l.

A Japanese guy will go to the United States. But He can not speak any English. So he went to a training center for one week class to learn some simple English. In the class, he felt the content was too many and hard, so he told his teacher that he just wanted to be polite when he meets people in USA, what he needed from the class was the most effective words. The teacher told him, "Usually when people meet, they say,'How are you?' you should answer the question with friendly smile,'I am fine, thank you. And you?" The guy recited this simple but useful dialogue. When he arrived USA, every time he met people, no matter was taxi driver, hotel manager or bank clerk, he always used this dialogue to greet. One day, he walked across a street, suddenly a car rushed to him. Although the driver had tried the best to brake the car, it finally crashed him. He was extremely painful. The huge pain make him could not stand. The driver get out of the car immediately, apologized to him and asked his situation. But the guy could not understand what the driver was saying. The driver also noted the man lying on ground was from far east, so he tried to speak slowly with simple English. "Do you need to go to hospital?",the driver said, he found the guy did not understand. So he said, " I mean you are OK?" "How are you?" The Japanese guy finally understood him, he replied with friendly smile," I am fine, thank you. And U?"

funniness: 4.36

rating: PG