Jamie L.

A very wealthy lady lives on a highly attended beach. She, however, leads a very lonely life due to her unfortunate condition of having no arms or legs. She watches handsome men stroll in the sand along the water with their beautiful girls at hand. The lady finds herself truly jealous of the fact that she can?t get a man like that. It upsets her that she may die without the chance to get screwed by a man like those beautiful women she sees walking on the beach. The very next day, the lady decides to take action. She puts up a sign in the sand where she sits that says ?screw me for a million dollars.? She is absolutely certain men won?t be able to resist the urge for easy money and a quick screw. She waits. And waits. And waits some more. To her dismay, loads of men walk by her without even noticing her existence just as they always had before. Finally, without anymore hesitation, she politely questions the next man that walks by her and says ?excuse me sir, but would you please screw me for a million dollars? I have the papers to prove my wealth.? The handsome man, at first throws her a look of disgust after looking at her body, and then shrugs his shoulders. He responds to the lady, ?for a million dollars, sure? why not.? The man picks up the lady and tosses her into the ocean. ?There? he says. ?Now you?re screwed.?

funniness: 3.50

rating: R