Detlef B.

A hooker and the Queen of England die and float up to heaven. When they reach the Pearly Gates, St. Peter says, "I only have room for one more. Here's what I'll do. Tell me why you should be in Heaven, and I'll make my decision from there." After thinking about it, the hooker says, "I think I should be in heaven because of these!" The rips off her lacy bra to reveal a pair of perky, round, full breasts. St. Peter gazes at them for a while, pondering how the queen of England could match up to these. Without saying a word, the queen leads the two to the heavenly bathroom. She calmy enters, flushes the toilet, and steps out. After some thought, St. Peter says, "I've made my decision. The Queen of England is through to heaven." The hooker, mystified, retorts, "But, why! What did she do?" St. Peter replies, "A royal flush beats a pair of aces."

funniness: 6.74

rating: PG