benny j.

An irish women comes home to visit the family, she rings the doorbell and the father awnsers. "well how do you do sweetie''? "What have you been doing with your life"? Immidietly the irsh women busts out into tears, "I've become a prostitute". The father replies in shock and anger, "What"! "Leave"! "Now"!. The women busts out in tears again, "Yes daddy, but fist may I leave the presents"? "For my brother 10,000 dollars to spend as he wishes, for mother a 3,000 dllar fur coat and house makeover crew, and for you daddy a new mercedes benze". the father replies back "What did u say ya were sweetie"? the women starts crying again, "A prostitue daddy". The father replies back "You scared me have to death sweetie, I thought ya said u were a protestant"

funniness: 5.79

rating: PG