Josh I.

One day while cooking dinner, Mrs. Jones. walks over to Mr. Jones and smacks him across the head with a frying pan. "Oww" said Mr. Jones. "what was that for?" "I found this note in your pants pocket while i was doing laundry, and it has the name Cindy on it with a 7 digit number" said Mrs. Jones. "Sweety, I was at the horse track yesterday and Cindy was the horse i bet on, and the 7 digit number is the number of the horse. "oh sweetheart I'm so sorry. For my mistake I'll make your dinner extra special tonight." The next day while making dinner, Mrs. Jones smakced Mr. Jones with a frying pan again. "Oww, what was that for honey?" said Mr. Jones. Mrs. Jones replied "Your horse called."

funniness: 6.06

rating: PG