Ben S.

A man walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a labatt. the bartender replied sayin the truck was behind schedual and it wouldnt be here till tomorrow. "but i want a labatt" the man said. the bartender said he'd sell him a bud light for half price. im sorry, the man said, i can only drink labatt, bud makes me sick and i do stupid things. oh whats a beer gonna do, kill you? no but im desperate. so the next day the man entered the same bar and saked for a labatt. im sorry the truck never showed and now all ive got is bud light and im runnin low. well i cant have that shit it made me blow chunks every where, in the bathroom the kitchen the bedroom and in the garage. well whats a little puke gonna do, kill ya the bartender replied, the man quietly wispered that chunks wasnt puke, its my dog

funniness: 2.71