Alexis J.

A TLEMARKETER CALLS: simply be a generous person and say "hey how's it going i'm kinda busy right now so how about u give me ur number and i'll call you later?" when they say "no" ask "so you don't like strangers calling you at home?" "no" "now you no how i feel" A TEACHER CALLS ON YOU: " can't you see i don't have the answer" "yes, but it's because you weren't listening" "what's the point you make no sense" A PERSON CALLS AND HAS THE WRONG NUMBER {true story}: "hello, La"Rosas?" me thinking...hmm should i let him order yea yea "yes may i take your order?" " i want a large pizza half pepperoni half cheese, a calzone with cheese and mushrooms on the inside and a large coke" "okay, what's ur number" "000- 697-8783" "and your address?" "0000, simpson's trace" "okay if the pizza isn't there in less than 30 minutes it's free" an hour later "hello La'Rosas" "huh?" "i order a pizza an hour ago and it still isn't here!" "no hablas ingles, don tu tengo un numero falso, tengo travieso con mujeres?" "o sorry ma'am" "no, no, no interesante!!" *click* In case ur not sapnish it says: i don't speak english, sir u have a false number, having trouble with women?" " no no not interested!!" LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Don't answer!!

funniness: 2.40