Crazy G.

A single guy met three women one day while gambling at a local casino. He was on the prowl for a new girlfriend because he had just broken up with his ex because she was never able to do anything for herself. He decided to take the three women home and test them to see who was worthy of his time. When he arrived home, he put each woman in thier own closet, there were pads in each closet. He put them all in a closet with dirty pads. He told them he was going away for 2 weeks on a buisness trip and they needed to figure out how to survive on thier own. He came home 2 weeks later and opened closet number one, the girl had died from hunger. He opened the second closet, same problem.. girl died from hunger. He opened the third door and was surprised to see the girl still alive. He helped her to her feet and asked her " how did you survive all this time w/o food or water?" she looked deep into his eyes and said "it isnt that hard. I just ate the Jelly Donuts"

funniness: 2.60