Tyrol J.

This joke takes place on a Indian Reservation Theirs this Indian who really needs to take a crap. So he goes to the out house and discovers that there is no toilet paper. He then decides that he will first go and buy a row. At the store he asks the clerk how much it is for a row of toilet paper. ?Well we got three brands, $3.00 for Charmin, $2.00 for fluffy, or $1.00 for the no-name-brand.? He decides that the no-name-brand will do. He later returns to the store and says to the clerk, ?I got a name for the toilet paper you sold me.? ?Oh yah, what is it?? ?John Wayne, It?s rough, tough, and it don?t take Shit off of no Indian!?

funniness: 4.53

rating: PG-13