Mike W.

A husband, wife, and 20 children waited by the bus stop for the bus to give them a ride to town. A couple minutes past by and a blind man sits on the bench too. Then he hears a bunch of kids in the background which sounded like a heard of elephants. The husband then wanted them to calm down and said each and everyone of their names. The blind man sarcastically mumbled, "is that all." The bus then arrives but there are only 21 spots on the bus left for them to ride on. So the kids and wife ride while the blind man and the husband walk. As they are walking the Husband keeps hearing this irratating wacking sound. He looks back and see's it's the blind man's cane hitting the ground. So the husband tries to ignore it at first. After this goes on for another 10 minutes he finally snaps. He says do you mind putting some rubber on the end of that stick. The blind man then says angrily if you had put some rubber on yours we would be riding the damn bus!

funniness: 5.71

rating: PG-13