Joseph H.

During 2004 the qantas airlines and idian airlines decided to have a raffle to raise funds for poverty in india, millions of people lined up and all the tickets were sold out in the first day, the airlines knew how great this was. While setting up for the big day they had the chance to think up of the 3 top prizes, so the next day almost the whole entire india is waiting for the unveling of the winners, a beautiful african woman walks up on stage and calls out.. "number 6745-3425" a man in tears walks up and takes his prize, which is in fact two tickets for first class around the world, see calls out the second number and a man runs up to the stage, they hand him a cake and he says "what the hell is this!!" they explain shortly that it is a cake baked by mother teraser, but he says "fuck mother teraser!" and they simply say no thats first prize.

funniness: 2.40

rating: R