Tracy C.

One morning a man wakes up after a hectic night to find the most beautiful woman his ever seen laying next to him. Not wanting to disturb her and quite thirsty he slowly gets up and makes his way to the kitchen. On his way there he sees a lepricon asleep on his couch, the man slowly approaches the lepricon and askes what his doing there. "Well last night i was totally blown and someone almost ran me over with their car, you found me laying in the street and brought me home, for that i granted you 3 wishes" "what did i wish for?" asked the man eagerly "Well you wish to wake up next to a super model. Hence the woman in your bed." As the lepricon is talking to the man he makes his way to the fridge only to find a suit case filled with money. Seeing the suprised look on the mans face the lepricon then states "your second wish was for a cool million dollors" "what was my third?" asks the man, but before the lepricon could answer they heard people outside the window chanting the mans name. fearing the worst the man rushes to the window and looks out only to see the klu-klucks-klan outside on their horses demanding the man come outside. terrified the man looks at the lepricon and askes "WHAT THE HELL WAS MY THIRD WISH!" calmly the lepricon says, "Well you said you wanted to be hung like a black man"

funniness: 4.89

rating: PG-13