D'vontai M.

Every Sunday a lil boy would go 2 his grandmother and eat 3 donuts before he go to church. But one sunday the lil boy went to his grandma but only could eat two of the donuts so he decide he would take the last donut with him to church. But when he got to the church to figure people would be asking for his last donut so he decide he would hide his last donut outside the church behide a brush until church was over. So the lil boy hide his donut and ask god to watch over his donut and went into the building and as he walk in the peacher stop him and said "lil boi god is everywhere, god is even inside this building right now" The lil boy yelled " He Shouldnt be, He should be outside watchin my damn donut." moral of this story leave your food home

funniness: 4.12

rating: PG