Taylor r.

three men are captured by a tribe and taken into there village. when there, they are confronted by the leader of the tribe. The tribe leader says " you have two options, you can be killed, or you can be tortured, BY OONGA BOONGA! 1st person: " i dont want to die! i'd rather be tortured. tribe leader: fine, you will be tortured, BY OONGA BOONGA! the first man goes into a large tent and the man screams at the top of his lungs. he comes out covered in blood and screaming. he runs into the forest. it is the second mans turn to go up. 2nd person: i dont wanna die either!. ill be tortured. tribe leader: okay, you will be tortured, BY OONGA BOONGA! The second man goes into the tent and starts screaming like a mad man. the tent sways side to side and the man is thrown out of the tent bleeding and naked. he runs and yells " dont take oonga boonga! take death! take death! tribe leader: well? it is your turn, what will it be? 3rd person: hell! i dont wanna be tortured like that! ill take death tribe leader: okay brave man, you will be put to death. death, BY OONGA BOONGA!

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG