Moses Y.

One day a man decided to move to Colorado after a divorce. When he got to Colorado, he saw a lamp, and thought that there might be a genie inside. So, he he rubbed it, and a genie poped out. "I will grant you only three wishes, but whatever you wish your ex-wife will get double of it." , the genie said to the man. The man thought really carfully, and said, "I wish that I have 5 million dollars. "Very well, but your wife gets 10 million dollars." , the genie replied. Instantly there was a check for 10 million dollars in the man's hand. For his second wish the man said, "I wish I have one of the best car in the world." "Remember, your wife gets two cars." , the genie replied. At that moment, a car had appeared right before the man's eyes. The man thought really careful for his third wish, and finaly he said, "I wish I was beaten half to death."

funniness: 6.79

rating: PG