Ian T.

Once upon a time there was this one dude who jerked off everyday when he gets horny or when his genital organ erected(he's a trysexual, so he's willing to try anything sexual). He can't control his urge to jerk off that he's willing to do it anywhere, even in public places. One day he was looking for pictures about the dutch in his office computer, but he accidentally wrote down douche. When he saw the pictures of naked babes in the internet, his dick just erupted. He then jerked of in his office, in front of everyone. Unfortunately, the big boss passed him, and when he saw his computer screen and the dude jerking off wildly, he immediately fired him. After that, he remained unemployed, and because he doesn't have any money, he drank his semen everyday until he eventually ran out of semen, but he keeps on masturbationg everyday, now even wilder due to the stress. One day, he wanted to get out and take a walk in the park. Then the cops got him jerking off again in the park, so they sent him to the court. There he is afraid because of the look of the female judge, but when he saw that her tits is so big, he jerked off again, in front of a female judge. So he got sent to prison for life. There he meets his also trysexual cell mate. Fortunately, the dude got free from his jerking off habit, and he now he has a new habit of fucking his cell mate till'he die. THE END

funniness: 2.22

rating: R