Alexis J.

1. if a rooster sitting on top of a chicken house lays an egg will it slide down north,south,east or west? 2. why can't a man living on the west side os the mississippii river be buried on the east? 3. if a plane filled with 34 people crashed and a third of them died at the funeral why didn't they bury the survivors? 4. a man walking on four paws was on his way to the store and one the right paw was under the left and the backright paw was under the backleft then which one was hit by the car? 5. if a teacher passing out a test in ur living room passes them out from left to right and he/she sees a smart blonde sitting in a corner which way does he go to give her, her test? Answers: 1. Roosters don't lay eggs you idiot 2. Because he still alive, my four yr old cousin figured that out!!! 3. they might as well be ALIVE 4. men don't have paws... are u drunk??? 5. SMART blondes do not and i repeat DO NOT exist o well if you got all of those wrong here's an easy one for it c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y {jumbled letters}- wat am i trying to tell you? YMCA has, stop! o poo you missed that one to well you better go ask a blonde =}

funniness: 2.38

rating: PG