Jonathan T.

One day a new kid in school was asked whats 1+1 by the teacher "I don't know" answered the retarted kid "Youre in the 2nd grade and you don't know?" said the teacher "ok then go home and ask your family" So the kid went home after the bell and decided to ask his father because his dad was a bussines man. "What's 1+1" asked the kid The father didnt hear him because he was on the phone with one of his employees "Shutup you fucking moron" yelled his dad at the phone The kid was so retarted and thought that what his dad just said was the the answer, but to be sure he asked his mom "What's 1+1" asked the kid His mom didnt hear him because she was too busy cooking, she tasted the soup she made and shouted "OH YEAH" Confused the kid then thought that 1+1 has multiple answers so he asked his brother "What's 1+1" asked the kid Once again his brother didnt listen cuz he was practising for his school play "I murdered your wife" shouted his brother Since the kids so retarted he believes him too, so finaly he went to his sister "What's 1+1" asked the kid This time the sister didnt hear him because she was on the phone with her boy friend "I'll fuck you as long as dad does'nt fide out" whispering to the phone SO the next day the kid was asked by the teacher whats 1+1 and the kid answered "Shut up you fucking moron" The shocked teacher said how would you like to go to the principals office", so the kid answers "OH YEAH" He was then sent to the principal and the principal asked "what did you do to get in trouble", the kid answered "I murdered your wife" The principal was MAD he said "give me one good reason why I shouldnt expel you", "I'll fuck you as long as dad does'nt fide out" whispered the kid So in the end he did'nt get expeled but instead he meets the principal for 20 mins every recess.

funniness: 4.92

rating: PG