Mark H.

A lawyer died and appeared at the Pearly Gates at the exact same time as the Pope, who just also happened to die that very day. Upon their arrival an angel appears and announces "Please come with me. I will show you where you will spend eternity." They follow the angel and soon come to a run down, ramshackle cabin that looks like it will fall over in the next big wind. The angel tells the Pope "This is where you will live from now on." The Pope quietly goes inside and the angel and the lawyer continue along their way. Soon they come to this gorgeous mansion in the clouds. It's a spectacular example of the finest workmanship available in Heaven with a view from here to eternity. The angel tells the lawyer "This is where you will live from now on." The lawyer is amazed. He says "This is great and I really appreciate it, but I think something is wrong. That other man, he's the Pope! I'm only a common attorney. Why do I get to live in a fantastic place like this when the Pope only gets a run down shack?" "You have to understand." said the angel. "Up here Popes are no big deal. We've got a hundred of 'em. But you're the first lawyer we've ever had."

funniness: 7.14

rating: G