Brett B.

This white guy came to work every morning with a huge smile on his face Then one day one of his black co-workers asked him why he always had a smile when he came to work every morning The white man said, "Because I get some every morning before i come to work." The black man had a weird looked on his face and asked what he did the white man said i say poetry black man replied really? What do u say? he replied back white girl, white girl, white as a dove, roll over so we can make love black man sat there and said okay im gonna try it so the next morning the black man had a bloody nose, fat lip, and blacker eyes the white man said what happened? black man said that poetry shit it dont work white man asked what did u say? black man said black girl, black girl, Lips like a frog, roll over here so i can fuck you like a dog.

funniness: 2.33

rating: R