Yo M.

A man named Bob was brutally murdered. His spirit went up to heaven. Unforunatly, on the way up, his brain fell out. when he got up to heaven, he asked God if he had any extra brains he could buy. God said that he had 3 brains that he collected over the past 300 years. Bob then followed God into a large room. God then pointed to a table with 3 brains lying on it. "This is just a normal person's brain. Nothing really special about it. Only fifty dollars." This did not strike Bob's intrest. "This is George Washington's brain. Only two hundred dollars." Bob showed no interest. "This is your brain. I found it today. Unfortunatly, This brain costs 10 million dollars." "WHAT!!!" yelled Bob. "WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH?!" "Its never been used."

funniness: 6.83

rating: PG