Maria S.

Buy a really tall hat (preferably a turban, etc.). Sit in the front row. If someone asks you to take it off, tell them it's against your religion: 3 pts. Throw popcorn up in the air and yell "It's SNOWING!!": 3 pts. When someone kisses (on screen or in the theater), point and say "OOOOOHHHHH": 2 pts. Clap when something bad happens to the main character, boo when something good happens.: 3 pts. 5 pts if you do it throughout the entire movie. During a really sad scene, start cracking up. During a happy/funny scene start yelling or crying.: 3 pts. 5 pts if you do it throughout the entire movie. Start coughing very loudly/'choking. Point to/ask for the person-next-to-you's drink. If they offer it to you, drink the rest, including ice cubes. If they refuse to give it to you, stand up and yell "Fine! Let me die!": 4 pts. 5 pts for a really believable coughing/choking scence. Bring your TV's remote control and attempt to pause, fast-forward, and rewind the movie. During the climax or a really sad/serious scene, crack and start screaming that the damn thing is broken.: 5 pts. During a scary movie yell at the screen things such as, "No, don't trust him!", "Watch out!", and "No, DON'T GO IN THE CLOSET!!!!!!": 3 pts. 5 pts for yelling for good things/really small things. Tap the person next to you and say "It's sure is dark in here." *Wink Wink*... *Wink* (Wink at them).: 3 pts. 5 pts if they are the same sex. 10 pts if they actually go along with it (no backing out). Preferably during the beginning of the opening stuff start screaming "No, not the voices! Anything but the voices". Also works when you're in a crowd, "An (Earthquake, flood, fire) We're all going to DIE!!!!!" 3 pts. 7 pts if people believe you or try to see if you're okay. When the last people are entering the theater, stand up and start waving and yelling for them to join you. (They can be strangers or you can get a whole bunch of friends to come in late). 5 pts. 7 pts if you sit in a crowded row. 10 pts if you start screaming at people that they are sitting in your friends seats. 10 pts if you yell to imaginary people. (Only one of the tens counts) Wear a cape and when they lights dim and a logo comes on the sreen, stand up and yell, "The Bat Signal." 3 pts. 5 pts if you attempt to save someone. 7 pts If you don't know them. 10 pts if they are fat/old. At a random point during the movie yell, "No I will NOT make out with you!" 3 pts. 5 pts if no one is sitting near you. Talk and laugh hysterically with your friends. When at least 10 people have shushed you, stand up and yell "Would you people SHUT UP! I'm trying to watch the movie!!" 5 pts. Try to get as many points as you can... Perfect Score: 80.

funniness: 8.45

rating: PG