Maria S.

1) Gay: Make you look at the tag of the pants you're wearing to find out your size. Very gay: They do it themselves. Really Gay: They don't even tell you when they do it. Super Gay: Someone you know sees. 2) Gay: Tell you that they understand. Very Gay: Say that they were a kid once too. Really Gay: They actually don't understand. Super Gay: Punish you for it even though they 'understand'. 3) Gay: They check up on you. Very Gay: They make you call home when you get there. Really Gay: You only went across the street. Super Gay: They go one vacation for 2 days, but for some reason call at least 20 times while they were gone. 4) Gay: Everything you do is wrong. Very Gay: They yell at you for not cleaning up your messes even though they don't clean up theirs. Really Gay: They yell at you for not cleaning up your sibling's messes. Super Gay: They yell at you for not cleaning up their messes. 5) Gay: They try to give you fashion tips. Very Gay: They make you change your pants just because they are technically called 'pajama' pants. Really Gay: They give you fashion tips when they are still dressing like it's the 70's. Super Gay: You're 13 and they still pick out your clothes...

funniness: 2.86

rating: PG