Maria S.

What Girls Really Mean... 1) When they ask "Does this make me fat": I'm testing you. If you say no; I know that you're lying. If you say yes... You will die! 2) When they say: "I'm very confused about my feelings right now...": I think we should break up... 3) When they say: "We can still be friends": I'm going to get a new boyfriend, and then rub it in your face!! 4) When they say: "Let's take a break...": I found someone else, but I'm keeping you as backup. 5) When they say: "You know what I like": Another test... Let's see if you we're paying attention while I've been talking. 6) When they ask: "Do you think I'm ugly?": Same as 1. 7) When they say: "I think we should see other people": Aha! I already am!!

funniness: 5.30

rating: PG